Ashmosd 2

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Austrian Structural Health Monitoring System Demonstrator II

Project Funding:
Austrian national programm „Takeoff“
Project Coordination:
Project Partners:
IMA, Joanneum; ÖAW, Profactor, SCCH,
RED Bernard GmbH, FACC, technosert electronic GmbH

ashmosd II_1Goal of the project ASHMOSD–II is the development and validation of a prototype of a transportable online damage detection system (Structural Health Monitoring System) for aircraft structures made of composites based on the results achieved within the current ongoing FFG project ASHMOSD – I. The selected technique based on the results of ASHMOSD–I is a hybrid active ultrasonic Phased Array SHM System that generates an ultrasonic beam by means of an Array of Piezo-Actuators and detects the reflections from possible defects by an array of Fiber Optic Sensors. A lab based system has been setup, successfully tested on subcomponents and will currently verified on an A-340 spoiler.

ashmosd II_2The motivation for the development of such a SHM system can be found in the fact that current aircraft structures made of composite materials have to be designed with high safety factors leading to higher mass, higher fuel consumption and subsequent to higher COx and NOx emissions due to the potential presence of defects especially barely visible impact damages (BVIDS). Estimations show that a weight reduction of 25% and more can be expected if a reliable SHM system would be in place as it is the goal of ASHMOSD–II. Beside the application in the aeronautic industry other important markets like large wind energy plants especially when operated off-shore, civil infrastructures like bridges and buildings show a large potential for the application of the developed SHM system.