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The SALOTTE 1 test rig enables to test gears (planetary and harmonic) for their lifetime under vacuum.

This facility enables the investigation of gears (e.g. Harmonic-drive® gears, planetary gears). Environments vary from vacuum, non aggressive gases (e.g. CO2) under controllable pressures (e.g. to simulate Martian environment) or to air with controlled humidity. The tests can be performed at temperatures from -150°C to +250°C.

Harmonic-drive ® gears can be used in drive units for e.g. solar array panels, antennas. Therefore lifetime and performance can be measured in SALOTTE 1 test facility.

Post-Analysis may cover measurement of wear by profilometry, SEM or microbalance, investigation of surface structure or material transfer by SEM/EDX.

The device is fully PC-controlled. To the control parameters, e.g. sliding distance, motion profiles (uni, oscillating, ..), can be selected. On-line-data acquisition offers to post-process data, e.g. for automatic calculation of friction coefficients in running-in- or steady state, as well as endurance of solid lubricant coatings.

AAC_device gear test SALOTTE1SALOTTE 1 test facility with integrated gear box