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Dry lubricated Harmonic Drives for space applications

Project Funding:
EU Commission, FP7 programme
Project Coordination:
AC2T, Austria
Project Partners:
AAC, Harmonic Drive AG (Germany), Fundacion
Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain)
36 months

In space mass equals cost, so lower mass means lower cost. The HarmLES project takes on the challenge of developing critical technologies aimed at bringing down the cost and mass of spacecraft.

When Solar Arrays or antennas on spacecraft have to be moved into the right position, and kept there for prolonged periods of time, Harmonic drives are needed. The design and composition of these drives is paramount for the impact they have on global spacecraft mass. The trend goes for smaller drives, and in this respect, the development of new solid lubricating coatings are needed for harmonic drives. The HarmLES project takes on this challenge. Should HarmLES prove successful, Europe has the potential to obtain world-wide leadership in this area of critical space technologies.