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Harmonic drive gears for space applications

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
AAC, Austria
Project Partners:
Harmonic Drive AG, TECNALIA, DLR
36 months

The of the project is to develop 100% European sourced Harmonic Drive gears specifically for space applications. Harmonic Drive gears have been proposed for space applications by several European contractors (HFUC, CPL and CSD type). Targeted applications are: Solar Array Drive Mechanisms, Antenna Pointing Mechanisms, Hold-down and Release Mechanisms, Thruster Pointing Mechanisms and others. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, experiences from similar application and other development activities will float into the activity.

A key element for success of this project is seen in the synergy to a recently finalised EU-project. Necessary fundamental steps on dry lubricant coating development were performed in that EU-project and first gears showed life-time up to 20.000 output revolutions. This project will on one hand focus on adoptions of the findings to the clear requirements for applications. It will secondly, target to improve the performance of grease lubricated gears, by taking advantages from new pre-treatments.