Metallmatrix Verbundwerkstoffe

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Self Lubricating Composites

For use in space at high temperatures, lubrication by greases or oils is not possible as they would evaporate. At very high temperatures like foreseen in the BepiColombo mission even polymer composites reach their limits.

metal matrix composites_1Therefore, a new self lubricating composite based on copper was developed by AAC and RHP-Technology. It consists of a copper based matrix with embedded solid lubricants.
A special process enables to embed MoS2 (or WS2) which is necessary for applications in dry environment, vacuum and space. The advantages of a metal matrix are the capability of permanent usage with temperatures up to 300°C and thermal expansion close to metallic housing.
There is no degradataion by radiation, higher stiffness compared to polymers and the metal matrix is electrical conductive.

metal matrix composites_2Self lubricating composites were developed for environments of vacuum, inert gasses or air (humid) and sustain high temperatures of up to 300°C.

For high temperature tribology applications they can be used as bushes/cages for bearings or slip-rings (electrical). A combination of dry lubricants depending on application is possible.

metal matrix composites_3Unique product made in Europe!