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Development surface treatments based on Nitriding and their verification by new test method FRESSCO towards space applications

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
AAC, Austria
Project Partners:
HM Welser
24 months

The main problem is that stainless steels used in space do not offer appropriate resistance to fretting (launch vibrations) and that they also cause a strongly reduced life time of solid lubricating coatings in gear applications. The objective is to optimise/develop a surface treatment process towards improvement of those performances by surface treatments (like Nitriding) with the objective to optimise life-time of of solid lubricant coatings on top of them.

The project will cover two issues. In the first half of the project the optimisation of surface treatments is done parallel with an upgrade of a prototype test device “FRESSCO” towards full operability. In second part, optimised process variants will be coated with solid lubricant coatings and tested via FRESSCO towards applications. AAC is known as an expert consultant in testing related to space applications and HMWELSER is an Austrian supplier for thermal and surface treatments.