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Stress corrosion resistance under tensile loading

The resistance of metals and their welds to stress corrosion cracking is determined at room temperature with the help of selected media, preferably with 3.5 percent sodium chloride solution.

The measurement is performed under static tensile loading (e.g. 75% of the Rp0.2 yield strength) and alternate immersion treatment over a period of 30 days or until the occurrence of a fracture.

As a result, lifetime tables and metallographic examination data are provided.

Stress Corrosion Cracking


Stress range:

4 load frames (12 specimen): 0-20 kN and 1 load frame
(3 specimen): 0 – 100 kN, all constant load controlled


Tensile samples – length of max. 180 mm

Standards, e.g.:
  • ECSS-Q-70-37A
  • ASTM G 44 – 94
  • DIN 50908