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Development of wear resistant coatings based on complex metallic alloys for functional applications

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
LKR, Austria
Project Partners:
WEDCO, Böhlerit, Pankl Aerospace systems, EADS,
PROFACTOR, S&I Technologies, AAC (as AIT)
36 months

The project aims at a significant optimization regarding titanium machining in two areas: turning with insert tools and milling with solid carbide end mills. The parallel view on both milling and turning leads to high synergy and reduced risk for the single partnering companies. The many single expertises of the consortium members and their experts offer a perfect basis for the success of the project.

The driving need is given by the Ti-alloy which can be machined only with low speeds, i.e. the machined volume per time is significantly lower than for aluminium alloys. With upcoming aeroplanes made of CFRPs more parts need to be machined in Ti-alloys. The usage in the aeronautical sector is given through EADS and PANKL; other applications are e.g. medical implants or parts for the energy industry.

AAC involved for microstructural investigation of the cutting tools and to develop a device to measure friction in forming. Together with LKR a “forming tribometer” was developed and the results (friction coefficient) were used for simulation of the cutting process by LKR.

Quality analysis of cutting tools (WSP):

  • Cutting edges (examples before cutting tests)
  • Cross sectioning by FIB