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AAC has long standing know-how in formulation of wear protection coatings. For evaluation of the right material, the tribological problem needs to be analysed and understood. In cooperation with AC2T research, the Austrian Center of Competence for Tribology, a broad range of tribological tests and analytical methods can be offered, allowing a custom fine tuning of the involved materials to reduce friction and wear.

Most activities in this area are bilateral customer projects underlying secrecy agreements, please contact us for your specific question.

Application example 1:

The paper industry is one illustration for applications, were many different components are prone to wear or abrasion. Due to the high production speed of paper machines the demands on functional and/or wear resistant coatings are extremely high. Roll covers and coatings, doctor blades or seal strips are examples for high wear applications.

tribo_coatings_1Tribo coating with multimodal particle size distribution of fillers

Application example 2:

Another problem in paper industry is the deposition of mainly hydrophobic substances from the deinking process on surfaces of rolls/roll covers or coatings. A combination of non-stick properties as well as abrasion and wear resistance of the coating material is essential.

Tribo_Coatings_3aTribo coating with extremely low coefficient of friction and excellent release properties (comparison with commercial PTFE coating (left))

Application example 3:

Fibre reinforced composites have outstanding mechanical properties, like stiffness, strength or thermal expansion behaviour. Nevertheless the surface of fibre reinforced structures needs to be protected in special cases for wear and abrasion.

AAC has developed interlayers for application of thermal sprayed coatings on composite structures for several applications. These interlayers act as bonding layer for the thermal spray coating, but furthermore adjusts the mechanical and thermal properties between the fibre reinforced composite and the thermally sprayed top coating.

Tribo_Coatings_3Aluminum oxide layer on carbon fibre reinforced structure