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This device was developed to determine friction factors as input data for simulation of forming processes (bulk processes like forging, extrusion, …).

This facility enables the measurement of friction between a plastically deforming ring (work piece) and a rigid plate (tool) up to 950°C. Optional geometries are available, find a more detailed description in the section below. Temperature at tool and workpiece can be controlled separately. The facility enables load forces up to 200kN and torques up to 1000Nm. It enables on-line measurement of friction force during unidirectional sliding. The radial deformation of the ring can be measured by laser (only ring/plate setup) to determine the grade of plastic deformation.

Post-Analysis may cover measurement of wear by topographic means. Investigation of surface morphology or material transfer by SEM/EDX. Changes in the subsurface microstructure can be analysed locally resolved by EBSD (Electron Back Scattering Diffraction).

The device is fully PC-controlled to the control parameters, e.g. sliding distance, speed, loading speed. On-line-data acquisition offers to post-process data, e.g. for automatic calculation of friction coefficients in running-in- or steady state, as well as endurance of lubricants.

Measurement of

  • Friction factor / coefficient
  • Radial deformation (on-line laser)
  • Axial deformation (stroke)
  • Environmental Data (Temperature)

forming tribometerImage of the Forming Tribometer:
showing the Ring-On-Plate-Specimens
with inductive heating system (not in position)

forming tribometer_1 forming tribometer_3

Ring at end of forming test                         Inductive heating of ring

forming tribometer_4Full test setup