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Development of wear resistant coatings based on complex metallic alloys for functional applications

Project Funding:
EU – FP7
Project Coordination:
AAC, Austria
Project Partners:
RHP,TCM, IMPL. WITTNER, EADS, Wolframcarb, Gammastamp, Genta-Platit,
36 months

The appliCMA - devel­op­ment of wear resist­ant coat­ings based on complex metal­lic alloys for func­tional applic­a­tions - aims at the devel­op­ment of a new type of coat­ings based on Complex Metallic Alloys (CMA). This is a family of tern­ary and quatern­ary alloys which exhibit unex­pec­ted prop­er­ties. The CMA “Al59.5Cu25.3Fe12.2 B3” consists only of metals, which show not metal­lic- but ceramic-like behaviour.

Moreover, the bulk versions of these quasicrys­tals have proven outstand­ing prop­er­ties as extremely low surface energy (wetting) and highest fret­ting wear resist­ance. The CMA AlMgB14 is known to be the hard­est mater­ial after diamond. However, until now these outstand­ing prop­er­ties could not be real­ised as coat­ings. First trials to develop coat­ing processes were not success­ful, but showed reas­on­able concepts to solve the prob­lems. The appliCMA project will focus on the devel­op­ment of PVD depos­ited coat­ings based on these three well-specified compos­i­tions. Following the mentioned outstand­ing prop­er­ties of the three CMAs, the project is driven by applic­a­tions for which they offer a remark­able step forward: tools for cutting, form­ing, extru­sion dies, moulds for injec­tion mould­ing, coated cooker’s oven for less stick­ing, fret­ting resist­ant coat­ings for aero­planes, but also coat­ings of stamps for “Nano-Imprint-Technology (NIL)”.

The project includes 10 research­ers and 7 indus­tries (includ­ing SME) in 8 member and asso­ci­ated state of the EU. They will deal with the fine tail­or­ing of coat­ings and the processing of surface layers by PVD processes. Measurements of the micro/nano topo­graphy, elec­tronic struc­ture, phase trans­form­a­tions, micro­struc­ture and adhe­sion of the CMA coat­ings will be real­ized. The project will start with “lab samples” tested in lab facil­it­ies and will end with demon­strat­ors tested in applic­a­tion related tests by end users. The project stud­ies also funda­mental mech­an­isms of the phase trans­itions in the manu­fac­tur­ing process of the targeted coat­ings, fric­tion on these mater­i­als and simu­la­tion of fric­tion in the form­ing applications.


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