Ashmosd 2

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Austrian Structural Health Monitoring System Demonstrator II

Project Funding:
Austrian national programm “Takeoff”
Project Coordination:
Project Partners:
IMA, Joanneum; ÖAW, Profactor, SCCH,
RED Bernard GmbH, FACC, tech­nosert elec­tronic GmbH

ashmosd II_1Goal of the project ASHMOSDII is the devel­op­ment and valid­a­tion of a proto­type of a trans­port­able online damage detec­tion system (Structural Health Monitoring System) for aircraft struc­tures made of compos­ites based on the results achieved within the current ongo­ing FFG project ASHMOSD – I. The selec­ted tech­nique based on the results of ASHMOSD–I is a hybrid active ultra­sonic Phased Array SHM System that gener­ates an ultra­sonic beam by means of an Array of Piezo-Actuators and detects the reflec­tions from possible defects by an array of Fiber Optic Sensors. A lab based system has been setup, success­fully tested on subcom­pon­ents and will currently veri­fied on an A-340 spoiler.

ashmosd II_2The motiv­a­tion for the devel­op­ment of such a SHM system can be found in the fact that current aircraft struc­tures made of compos­ite mater­i­als have to be designed with high safety factors lead­ing to higher mass, higher fuel consump­tion and subsequent to higher COx and NOx emis­sions due to the poten­tial pres­ence of defects espe­cially barely visible impact damages (BVIDS). Estimations show that a weight reduc­tion of 25% and more can be expec­ted if a reli­able SHM system would be in place as it is the goal of ASHMOSDII. Beside the applic­a­tion in the aero­nautic industry other import­ant markets like large wind energy plants espe­cially when oper­ated off-shore, civil infra­struc­tures like bridges and build­ings show a large poten­tial for the applic­a­tion of the developed SHM system.