Testing of Flight Hardware

Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVC)

The test facil­ity is a thermal vacuum cham­ber connec­ted to a clean room class 10 000. Therefore, it is typic­ally used for flight hard­ware tests (cable wrap assem­blies, slip-rings, complete rotary joints,…).

The aim of the test facil­ity is the simu­la­tion of thermal vacuum condi­tions, typic­ally for the simu­la­tion of space envir­on­ment (open space and sun expos­ure) on parts up to 60 x 80 cm2; chamber’s inner diameter = 88 cm, its length = 120 cm.

testing of flight_1The simu­la­tion of the satel­lite surface temper­at­ure is done by means of a temper­at­ure controlled copper plate moun­ted inside the vacuum cham­ber. The main part of the device is a 0.8 m in diameter and 1.2 m long (volume: 0.6 m3) vacuum cham­ber made out of stain­less steel. The vacuum pres­sure of better than 10-6 mbar is achieved using a Adixen ACP40 rotary vane pump together with a Pfeiffer Hi Pace 1200 turbo pump (1000 l/s). The control of the vacuum pres­sure is done by a TPR 018 F-No 44244014 (gauge tube for rough vacuum) and an IKR 060 F-No 44243822 (inver­ted magnet­ron high vacuum gauge). Both pres­sure meas­ure­ment cells are calib­rated by deliverer. The cham­ber is equipped with 4 CF40, 2 CF63, 2 CF100 and 1 CF200 flanges on the front door (placed in the clean room, s. below), 4 CF40, 4 CF63, and 1 CF200 flange on the back side and 1 CF 200, 2 CF 150, 2 CF 63 and 4 CF 40 on the circum­fer­ence of the cham­ber. These flanges will be used for the feed-throughs for the cool­ing and heat­ing devices and the connec­tion of the neces­sary meas­ure­ment devices for the char­ac­ter­isa­tion of the test object (ther­mo­couples, Si-diode sensors, heat flux sensors, etc.).

AAC-Z0000324The equip­ment used is an Eurotherm 2408 with Thyristor and an Eurotherm 2416 with Thyristor for temper­at­ure control. 20 PT100 (OMEGA Thinfilm RTD Element F3105) for meas­ure­ment of the temper­at­ure at several posi­tions inside the TVC and a Keithley 2700 Multimeter, includ­ing a Keithley 7700 multi­plexer, incl. IEEE – card for import­ing the data to the PC. After every new set-up all needed PT100 are calib­rated by new with a calib­ra­tion furnace (calib­rated by deliverer).

AAC-Z0000343By means of a heat­ing / cool­ing plate and / or a heat­ing / cool­ing pot made from Cu the test item can be heated up to about 300 °C and cooled down to about -130 °C. Heating rate: up to 8 °C / min, cool­ing rate: up to 6 °C / min.

Available heat­ing / cool­ing plates:
- 50 x 50 cm²
- 70 x 100 cm²

Available heat­ing / cool­ing pots:
- diameter 14 cm
- diameter 18 cm
- diameter 27 cm

Furthermore, a 20 x 20 cm² cool­ing plate serving as witness plate is avail­able. The vacuum cham­ber is also equipped with a QCM allec­tra 710-DSH-SHUT. The front door is inside the clean room, the external equip­ment and the back­side of the cham­ber are placed in a neigh­boured lab, s. follow­ing pictures.