Metal Matrix Composites

Self Lubricating Composites

For use in space at high temper­at­ures, lubric­a­tion by greases or oils is not possible as they would evap­or­ate. At very high temper­at­ures like fore­seen in the BepiColombo mission even poly­mer compos­ites reach their limits.

metal matrix composites_1Therefore, a new self lubric­at­ing compos­ite based on copper was developed by AAC and RHP-Technology. It consists of a copper based matrix with embed­ded solid lubricants.
A special process enables to embed MoS2 (or WS2) which is neces­sary for applic­a­tions in dry envir­on­ment, vacuum and space. The advant­ages of a metal matrix are the capab­il­ity of perman­ent usage with temper­at­ures up to 300°C and thermal expan­sion close to metal­lic housing.
There is no degradataion by radi­ation, higher stiff­ness compared to poly­mers and the metal matrix is elec­trical conductive.

metal matrix composites_2Self lubric­at­ing compos­ites were developed for envir­on­ments of vacuum, inert gasses or air (humid) and sustain high temper­at­ures of up to 300°C.

For high temper­at­ure tribology applic­a­tions they can be used as bushes/cages for bear­ings or slip-rings (elec­trical). A combin­a­tion of dry lubric­ants depend­ing on applic­a­tion is possible.

metal matrix composites_3Unique product made in Europe!