Stress Corrosion Cracking

Stress corrosion resistance under tensile loading

The resist­ance of metals and their welds to stress corro­sion crack­ing is determ­ined at room temper­at­ure with the help of selec­ted media, prefer­ably with 3.5 percent sodium chlor­ide solution.

The meas­ure­ment is performed under static tensile load­ing (e.g. 75% of the Rp0.2 yield strength) and altern­ate immer­sion treat­ment over a period of 30 days or until the occur­rence of a fracture.

As a result, life­time tables and metal­lo­graphic exam­in­a­tion data are provided.

Stress Corrosion Cracking


Stress range:

4 load frames (12 speci­men): 0-20 kN and 1 load frame
(3 speci­men): 0 – 100 kN, all constant load controlled


Tensile samples - length of max. 180 mm

Standards, e.g.:
  • ECSS-Q-70-37A
  • ASTM G 44 - 94
  • DIN 50908