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Análisis de materiales y fallos

Material degradation: Cracking, Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Wear and more

The team of microstructural characterisation possesses a profound knowledge and professional experience in the field of material development and optimization, failure analysis and quality control. We are working in close contact with ESA, the aerospace industry and corresponding research institutes on a huge variety of metals and alloys like, in particular, steels, Al- and Ti-alloys, composites, coatings and electronic materials. Our experts act in the framework of national and international scientific and technological programs and are familiar with many novel manufacturing technologies and investigation methods used in the field of aerospace research and development. A significant part of our work has been devoted to failure analysis which requires mechanical-, corrosion- or tribological phenomena to be understood and correlated with production processes and application environments. Our motivated team works constantly on widening the preparation and analysis methods in order to be able to resolve even the most challenging failures and damage cases.

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