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The SALOTTE 1 test rig enables to test gears (plan­et­ary and harmonic) for their life­time under vacuum.

This facil­ity enables the invest­ig­a­tion of gears (e.g. Harmonic-drive® gears, plan­et­ary gears). Environments vary from vacuum, non aggress­ive gases (e.g. CO2) under control­lable pres­sures (e.g. to simu­late Martian envir­on­ment) or to air with controlled humid­ity. The tests can be performed at temper­at­ures from -150°C to +250°C.

Harmonic-drive ® gears can be used in drive units for e.g. solar array panels, anten­nas. Therefore life­time and perform­ance can be meas­ured in SALOTTE 1 test facility.

Post-Analysis may cover meas­ure­ment of wear by profilo­metry, SEM or microbal­ance, invest­ig­a­tion of surface struc­ture or mater­ial trans­fer by SEM/EDX.

The device is fully PC-controlled. To the control para­met­ers, e.g. slid­ing distance, motion profiles (uni, oscil­lat­ing, ..), can be selec­ted. On-line-data acquis­i­tion offers to post-process data, e.g. for auto­matic calcu­la­tion of fric­tion coef­fi­cients in running-in- or steady state, as well as endur­ance of solid lubric­ant coatings.

AAC_device gear test SALOTTE1SALOTTE 1 test facil­ity with integ­rated gear box