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Harmonic drive gears for space applications 

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
AAC, Austria
Project Partners:
Harmonic Drive AG, TECNALIA, DLR
36 months

The of the project is to develop 100% European sourced Harmonic Drive gears specific­ally for space applic­a­tions. Harmonic Drive gears have been proposed for space applic­a­tions by several European contract­ors (HFUC, CPL and CSD type). Targeted applic­a­tions are: Solar Array Drive Mechanisms, Antenna Pointing Mechanisms, Hold-down and Release Mechanisms, Thruster Pointing Mechanisms and others. In order to achieve this ambi­tious goal, exper­i­ences from similar applic­a­tion and other devel­op­ment activ­it­ies will float into the activity.

A key element for success of this project is seen in the synergy to a recently final­ised EU-project. Necessary funda­mental steps on dry lubric­ant coat­ing devel­op­ment were performed in that EU-project and first gears showed life-time up to 20.000 output revolu­tions. This project will on one hand focus on adop­tions of the find­ings to the clear require­ments for applic­a­tions. It will secondly, target to improve the perform­ance of grease lubric­ated gears, by taking advant­ages from new pre-treatments.