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Mechanisch hoch-belast­bare ther­mis­che Barriere-Beschichtungen mit Oxidationsschutz für Kohlefaser-Verbundwerkstoffe

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
Joanneum Research, Austria
Project Partners:
AAC, SECAR (Austria), BVT Beschichtungs- und Verschleißtechnik GmbH, Materials Center Leoben Forschung
24 months

Carbon fibre compos­ites are optimal light-weight design mater­i­als for aerospace and auto­mot­ive applic­a­tions, but are limited to temper­at­ures of 350°C (poly­mer matrix) due to poly­mer degrad­a­tion and creep, and 450°C (silic­ate matrix) due to carbon fibre oxid­a­tion. However, future use in turbo-fan compressors in aircrafts as well as in mobile small combus­tion engines require 500°C oper­a­tion temper­at­ure with 200 MPa fatigue limit and 900°C short-time peak temper­at­ure limit, being the goals of the mater­ial devel­op­ment in the project. Since SiC fibres cannot be used in combin­a­tion with the easy high-duty process­able silic­ate matrix due to low ductil­ity and elasti­city, thermal and oxid­a­tion protec­tion of carbon fibres must be ensured by the devel­op­ment of an innov­at­ive cost-effect­ive surface coat­ing of the compos­ite by plasma spray­ing of barrier layers (TBCs), sol-gel processes for seal­ing and smooth­ing the TBCs and top coat­ing for infrared-radi­ation reflection.