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The exper­i­enced team analyse in our modern equipped mater­ia­l­o­graphic lab metal alloys (steel, Al –, Ti-, Mg- or Cu-alloys,…), hard metals, ceram­ics, compos­ites and powders. In this regard we offer compre­hens­ive char­ac­ter­isa­tion of grains, grain bound­ar­ies, precip­it­ates, inclu­sions, micro­cracks as well as of coat­ings, inter­faces and surfaces. The avail­able expert­ise allows us to support the industry at devel­op­ment of new mater­i­als concepts and at solu­tion of fail­ures and damage cases.

Specimen Preparations

The precise sample prepar­a­tion provides an essen­tial input for the subsequent qual­it­at­ive and quant­it­at­ive micro and nano struc­ture analysis. In this connec­tion follow­ing prepar­a­tion steps and meth­ods are offered:

  • cutting of even large and complex shaped specimens (……)
  • embed­ding in a mould­ing press (160, 180°C), cold under vacuum, at air – very small parts( e.g. elec­tronic parts, solder joints), foils, wires, …,
  • grind­ing – manu­ally and automatically
  • polish­ing – mech­an­ic­ally, chemically/mechanically, chem­ic­ally and elec­tro-chem­ic­ally in a wide temper­at­ure range
  • etch­ing – chem­ic­ally, elec­tro-chem­ic­ally, thermally
  • sput­ter­ing for coat­ing with a thin metal (Au, Pt, Cr,..,) and Carbon layer of non-conduct­ing surfaces for scan­ning elec­tron micro­scope investigations
  • etch­ing and polish­ing by Ga2+ ions in a CrossBeam Workstation
  • prepar­a­tion of FIB cross sections

We also offer unique prepar­a­tions for detailed HRSEM/FIB and EBSD analysis.

Materialography_1 Examples of machines for sample prepar­a­tion in mater­ia­l­o­graphy lab at AAC


For qual­it­at­ive and quant­it­at­ive micro­struc­ture analysis inverse light micro­scope oper­at­ing in bright field, dark field, polar­isa­tion light and inter­fer­ence contrast are used. The micro­scope are equipped a soft imaging system “Scandium” for image processing and 2D / 3D image analysis.

Our analysis spectrum:
  • Qualitative and quant­it­at­ive char­ac­ter­isa­tion of grains - morpho­logy , distri­bu­tion and size
  • Grain bound­ar­ies – dens­ity, distribution
  • Precipitates, inclu­sions, phases, pores – size, morpho­logy, distri­bu­tion, dens­ity, area frac­tion, microhardness
  • Coatings – thick­ness, (micro)hardness, inter­face char­ac­ter­isa­tion, homogeneity
  • Surface - damages, corrosion

Examples of Qualitative Analysis


Examples of Quantitative Analysis


Materialography_c  Materialography_9.jpg