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Development surface treatments based on Nitriding and their verification by new test method FRESSCO towards space applications

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
AAC, Austria
Project Partners:
HM Welser
24 months

The main prob­lem is that stain­less steels used in space do not offer appro­pri­ate resist­ance to fret­ting (launch vibra­tions) and that they also cause a strongly reduced life time of solid lubric­at­ing coat­ings in gear applic­a­tions. The object­ive is to optimise/develop a surface treat­ment process towards improve­ment of those perform­ances by surface treat­ments (like Nitriding) with the object­ive to optim­ise life-time of of solid lubric­ant coat­ings on top of them.

The project will cover two issues. In the first half of the project the optim­isa­tion of surface treat­ments is done paral­lel with an upgrade of a proto­type test device “FRESSCO” towards full oper­ab­il­ity. In second part, optim­ised process vari­ants will be coated with solid lubric­ant coat­ings and tested via FRESSCO towards applic­a­tions. AAC is known as an expert consult­ant in test­ing related to space applic­a­tions and HMWELSER is an Austrian supplier for thermal and surface treatments.