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The MEX soft­ware by ALICONA is a power­ful pack­age for gener­at­ing a digital 3D surface model (DOM, “Digitales Oberflächen Modell) from stereo­scopic image pairs. It was origin­ally inten­ded for SEM image pairs, recor­ded under 2 (3) differ­ent tilt­ing angles, but can also be applied to images of 3D objects, recor­ded by any tech­nique gener­at­ing surface images from objects which can be rotated around an axis perpen­dic­u­lar to the view­ing direc­tion (e.g. optical images). The pack­age includes extens­ive inter­act­ive display, eval­u­ation, analysis and data export possibilities.

surface analysis_2.tif surface analysis_3.tif

Surface deform­a­tion due to impact test, SEM image, 3D surface recon­struc­tion, depth profile

surface analysis_4.tif.jpg surface analysis_5.tif.jpg