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Process Chain for a Flexible and Intelligent Tow
Placement Technology

Project Funding:
Austrian national programm “Takeoff”
Project coordin­ator:
Profactor GmbH

ProFIT will analyse the entire produc­tion process for compos­ite parts with the aim of devel­op­ing a highly effi­cient and intel­li­gent place­ment tech­no­logy based on an artic­u­lated robot system. This finally allows auto­mated produc­tion of compon­ents with locally complex struc­tures – such as parts with cut-out rein­force­ments or similar – in a single oper­a­tion and thus opens new oppor­tun­it­ies in the compon­ent design.

The envis­aged higher degree of auto­ma­tion will lead to shorter cycle times and a reduc­tion of produc­tion costs. The process chain will include intel­li­gent sensors, full CAD integ­ra­tion, offline program­ming of the robot and auto­matic place­ment of non-auto­clave prepreg or dry fabrics by use of differ­ent endless fibre types (C-fibre, G-fibre and the econom­ical inter­est­ing basalt fibre) with vari­ous resin infu­sion tech­no­lo­gies. Using of the result­ing auto­ma­tion concept will reduce both costs for the setup of a manu­fac­tur­ing system as well as cost for ongo­ing oper­a­tion. The result­ing high effi­ciency of the system makes this tech­no­logy very attract­ive, not only to the primary applic­a­tion area of aviation industry, but also for other indus­tries such as general engin­eer­ing or the auto­mot­ive industry.

The project is a joint research project between a group of Austrian part­ners and a German consor­tium that is funded in the frame­work of the “LuFo” fund­ing programme. The Austrian part of the ProFIT project is funded by the FFG.