Space and extreme environments

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space and extreme environments_1Re-Entry Simulation Chamber

Simultaneous applic­a­tion of

  • Temperatures up to 2,500°C, heat­ing rates up to 400 K/sec
  • High vacuum, inert or react­ive gases up to 1 bar
  • Static or dynamic mech­an­ical loads up to 70kN and 70Hz


  • 30 kW induc­tion heater
  • 300 to 2,500 °C
  • Heating rate up to 500 K/min (depend­ing on test article)
  • Direct heat­ing, inside susceptor tube, or by black­body irradiation
  • Temperature control by pyro­meter or thermocouple
  • High vacuum (10–6 mbar)
  • Inert gas
  • Reactive gases (e.g. Ar/H2 mixtures)
  • Automatic pres­sure and/or flow control
    Static or dynamic mech­an­ical loads
  • Tensile/compression/shear loads up to 70kN
  • Static or dynamic load­ing, frequency up to 70Hz
  • Strain meas­ure­ment by laser speckle or strain gauge
Cryogenic Mechanical Testing
(LHe, T= –269 °C)
  • Temperatures 4.2 K to 77 K
  • Tensile , compres­sion and bending
  • Loads up to 200kN

space and extreme environments_4a