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Development of wear resistant coatings based on complex metallic alloys for functional applications

Project Funding:
Project Coordination:
LKR, Austria
Project Partners:
WEDCO, Böhlerit, Pankl Aerospace systems, EADS,
PROFACTOR, S&I Technologies, AAC (as AIT)
36 months

The project aims at a signi­fic­ant optim­iz­a­tion regard­ing titanium machin­ing in two areas: turn­ing with insert tools and milling with solid carbide end mills. The paral­lel view on both milling and turn­ing leads to high synergy and reduced risk for the single part­ner­ing compan­ies. The many single expert­ises of the consor­tium members and their experts offer a perfect basis for the success of the project.

The driv­ing need is given by the Ti-alloy which can be machined only with low speeds, i.e. the machined volume per time is signi­fic­antly lower than for aluminium alloys. With upcom­ing aero­planes made of CFRPs more parts need to be machined in Ti-alloys. The usage in the aero­naut­ical sector is given through EADS and PANKL; other applic­a­tions are e.g. medical implants or parts for the energy industry.

AAC involved for micro­struc­tural invest­ig­a­tion of the cutting tools and to develop a device to meas­ure fric­tion in form­ing. Together with LKR a “form­ing tribometer” was developed and the results (fric­tion coef­fi­cient) were used for simu­la­tion of the cutting process by LKR.

Quality analysis of cutting tools (WSP):

  • Cutting edges (examples before cutting tests)
  • Cross section­ing by FIB