In the realm of re-entry testing, ensuring the safe disintegration of returning spacecraft parts is paramount. At AAC, we underscore the critical significance of demisability tests. These tests simulate the early stages of re-entry and indicate that components disintegrate already at high altitude during re-entry, mitigating potential damage and safeguarding the overall integrity of your mission.

Discovering a Straightforward Solution for Precise Demisability Testing

Our radiant heater service offers a simplified yet highly precise solution for conducting demisability tests. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, our streamlined design ensures reliability and accuracy in meeting essential testing requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Temperature Range: Achieve several hundred °C for a meticulous simulation of early-stage re-entry conditions.
  2. Mission relevant Pressure Profile: Ensure the relevance of testing from the challenging conditions of outer space to atmospheric conditions.
  3. Simple and Cost-Effective: Experience efficiency without compromise, thanks to our thoughtfully engineered design.

Applying Mechanical Stress for Comprehensive Testing

In addition to precise temperature control, our radiant heater service provides the option to apply mechanical stress during demisability tests. This added dimension allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of how your spacecraft components respond under different re-entry conditions.

Utilized for Material Pre-Screening and Selection

Our demisability tests serve as a crucial pre-screening tool, aiding in the selection of the most suitable materials and components that will later go into plasma-wind-tunnel experiments. By subjecting materials to realistic re-entry conditions, we empower you to make informed decisions on most promising candidates for in-depth characterization.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Benefit from our team’s specialized expertise in conducting demisability tests using our state-of-the-art radiant heater. Our service offers more than just a testing solution; it provides a reliable pathway to mission success, ensuring that your spacecraft components disintegrate safely during re-entry.


Enhance your re-entry testing regimen with AAC. Our radiant heater service brings together precision and simplicity, emphasizing the importance of demisability testing for the safe and secure disintegration of spacecraft components.

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