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AAC has long stand­ing know-how in formu­la­tion of wear protec­tion coat­ings. For eval­u­ation of the right mater­ial, the tribolo­gical prob­lem needs to be analysed and under­stood. In cooper­a­tion with AC2T research, the Austrian Center of Competence for Tribology, a broad range of tribolo­gical tests and analyt­ical meth­ods can be offered, allow­ing a custom fine tuning of the involved mater­i­als to reduce fric­tion and wear.

Most activ­it­ies in this area are bilat­eral customer projects under­ly­ing secrecy agree­ments, please contact us for your specific question.

Application example 1:

The paper industry is one illus­tra­tion for applic­a­tions, were many differ­ent compon­ents are prone to wear or abra­sion. Due to the high produc­tion speed of paper machines the demands on func­tional and/or wear resist­ant coat­ings are extremely high. Roll covers and coat­ings, doctor blades or seal strips are examples for high wear applications.

tribo_coatings_1Tribo coat­ing with multimodal particle size distri­bu­tion of fillers

Application example 2:

Another prob­lem in paper industry is the depos­ition of mainly hydro­phobic substances from the deink­ing process on surfaces of rolls/roll covers or coat­ings. A combin­a­tion of non-stick prop­er­ties as well as abra­sion and wear resist­ance of the coat­ing mater­ial is essential.

Tribo_Coatings_3aTribo coat­ing with extremely low coef­fi­cient of fric­tion and excel­lent release prop­er­ties (compar­ison with commer­cial PTFE coat­ing (left))

Application example 3:

Fibre rein­forced compos­ites have outstand­ing mech­an­ical prop­er­ties, like stiff­ness, strength or thermal expan­sion beha­viour. Nevertheless the surface of fibre rein­forced struc­tures needs to be protec­ted in special cases for wear and abrasion.

AAC has developed inter­lay­ers for applic­a­tion of thermal sprayed coat­ings on compos­ite struc­tures for several applic­a­tions. These inter­lay­ers act as bond­ing layer for the thermal spray coat­ing, but further­more adjusts the mech­an­ical and thermal prop­er­ties between the fibre rein­forced compos­ite and the thermally sprayed top coating.

Tribo_Coatings_3Aluminum oxide layer on carbon fibre rein­forced structure