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This device was developed to determ­ine fric­tion factors as input data for simu­la­tion of form­ing processes (bulk processes like forging, extrusion, …).

This facil­ity enables the meas­ure­ment of fric­tion between a plastic­ally deform­ing ring (work piece) and a rigid plate (tool) up to 950°C. Optional geomet­ries are avail­able, find a more detailed descrip­tion in the section below. Temperature at tool and work­piece can be controlled separ­ately. The facil­ity enables load forces up to 200kN and torques up to 1000Nm. It enables on-line meas­ure­ment of fric­tion force during unidirec­tional slid­ing. The radial deform­a­tion of the ring can be meas­ured by laser (only ring/plate setup) to determ­ine the grade of plastic deformation.

Post-Analysis may cover meas­ure­ment of wear by topo­graphic means. Investigation of surface morpho­logy or mater­ial trans­fer by SEM/EDX. Changes in the subsur­face micro­struc­ture can be analysed locally resolved by EBSD (Electron Back Scattering Diffraction).

The device is fully PC-controlled to the control para­met­ers, e.g. slid­ing distance, speed, load­ing speed. On-line-data acquis­i­tion offers to post-process data, e.g. for auto­matic calcu­la­tion of fric­tion coef­fi­cients in running-in- or steady state, as well as endur­ance of lubricants.

Measurement of

  • Friction factor / coefficient
  • Radial deform­a­tion (on-line laser)
  • Axial deform­a­tion (stroke)
  • Environmental Data (Temperature)

forming tribometerImage of the Forming Tribometer:
show­ing the Ring-On-Plate-Specimens
with induct­ive heat­ing system (not in position)

forming tribometer_1 forming tribometer_3

Ring at end of form­ing test                         Inductive heat­ing of ring

forming tribometer_4Full test setup