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Our development range

In the aviation sector we offer you development services in the following areas:


Together with partner from the aviation industry and research we develop new functional coatings and composite processes.

AAC has long heritage in running and coordination of research on several levels: from direct contracts to public funded projects (nationally in AT FFG or EU).

On top of and combined with technical work, AAC may offer also the coordination of projects including writing proposal towards public calls (FFG, EU).

Since its establishment in 2010 AAC has been actively developing anti-icing and de-icing coatings. Two different development approaches are following passive and active coatings for de-icing and anti-icing. A hybrid anti-icing system can be created by combining these two speciality coatings. Combining the advantages of active and passive anti-ice technologies.

Assistance in the definition of process parameters for a number of composite manufacturing processes ranging from hot pressing, over resin infusion to wet winding by lab scale prototyping.

This is how we approach your project

Our team will analyze your situation and recommend a suitable procedure