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Surface Characterisation and Ice Adhesion

AAC – Your Partner for Advanced Anti-Icing Solutions and Testing Services

Icing is a constant challenge in aviation, posing risks to both aircraft in flight and on the ground. At AAC, we’ve honed our specialization in anti-icing surfaces to empower the aviation industry with advanced solutions.

Our comprehensive suite of tests is designed to focus on critical aspects of anti-icing surfaces, providing you with indispensable insights into your materials. When you choose AAC, you gain access to a wealth of essential data, including:

  • Static Water Contact Angle (WCA)
  • Surface Energy Determination
  • Roll-Off Angle
  • Surface Roughness
  • Immersion into typical aviation liquids (Hydraulic fluids, Solvents, De-Icing liquids, Water, Aqueous cleaners, etc.)
  • Ice Adhesion Shear Force: Our in-house self-developed test rig is designed for rapid determination of the adhesion shear force.

AAC is your trusted partner in the aviation industry, offering vital data and insights to enhance anti-icing solutions. With our advanced testing capabilities, we help you stay ahead of the challenges posed by icing. Additionally, our facilities extend beyond those tests, as we complementary provide a variety of environmental tests, all conducted in-house.

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