Mechanical Testing

Within the mech­an­ical test­ing group of AAC we can determ­ine the follow­ing mech­an­ical prop­er­ties of metal­lic, poly­meric, ceramic and compos­ite mater­i­als using calib­rated test equip­ment taking into account the terms and condi­tions of the corres­pond­ing stand­ard (DIN, ASTM, EN, ISO,...). Beside stand­ard mech­an­ical tests, costumer defined compon­ent tests can be performed.

Property / Test Environment
Tensile strength / Young´s Modulus -269 ... 1100°C
Compression strength / Compression Modulus -269 ... 1100°C
Bending strength and Moulus
3-point and 4-point bend­ing test
-269 ... 1100°C
Charpy Impact Test -196°C / RT
Fracture Mechanic Properties 

KIC, KJC, J-Integral

Fatigue crack growth

-269 ... 1100°C
Special Composite Properties

ILSS, Two Rail Shear Test,

Picture frame test

-269 ... 1100°C
Fatigue RT ... 1300°C
Frequency: 0-70 Hz
Maximal force: 70 kN dynamic
Stress Corrosion Crack 30 days, NaCl solu­tion, static load up to 100 kN
Component / Subcomponent Tests

Static & Dynamic Tests

Design of special load­ing rigs

up to 16 strain gauges using HBM MGC+

non-contact video extensometer

up to 8 displace­ment sensors