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Functional Coatings

Discover with AAC the Power of Functional Coatings

The world of energy demands unwavering resilience, and functional coatings play a pivotal role in ensuring your equipment and machinery thrive, even in the most extreme weather conditions. What makes these coatings truly exceptional is their ability to adapt and provide specific properties that shield against the harshest conditions.  By harnessing the power of functional coatings, you can enhance efficiency, prolong service life, and trim operation costs for wind and solar energy technologies.

At AAC, we’re at the forefront of research and development for functional coatings tailored to the energy sector. We collaborate with experts and partners to bring cutting-edge solutions to the table, designed to withstand the harshest environmental challenges.

  • Solar Energy Technology: Our expertise and know-how focus on developing advanced functional coating with exceptional anti-salt, anti-reflection, and easy-to-clean properties for maximizing solar panel performance and minimize maintenance.
  • Wind Energy Technology: When it comes to wind energy, we specialize in both passive and active anti-icing and de-icing coatings. These coatings keep your equipment running smoothly, even in the most frigid conditions.
  • Conventional Power Plants: We’re here to provide our experience on exceptional solutions for water and thermal power plants. Count on us for superior corrosion protection and anti-soiling properties that surpass the highest customer requirements.

Join Us in Pioneering Coating Innovations in Energy Field

We invite you to embark on a journey of groundbreaking coating solutions. If you’re eager to partner with us in crafting a custom-made coating that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements, we stand ready to guide you through every phase. Your vision and needs are the bedrock of our innovation.

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