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Functional Coatings

Know-how, Analysis, Application, Characterization

 The coatings are mainly used for protection of various components and surfaces. The protective coatings are very important, as they are the boundary between the environment and the underlying surface. Therefore, the coatings should exhibit specific properties, which can be achieved through functionalization. A functional coating is the key for protecting these surfaces from external factors, like temperature, humidity, light and preventing the deposition of ice, lime, dirt and microorganisms.

Machinery and equipment of the energy sector are constantly subjected to extreme weathering conditions and thus, essential protection is required. The functional coatings, even though they are only minor integral component, they can be actively applied in wind and solar energy technologies and significantly contribute to efficiency improvement, service life and operation costs reduction.

AAC in collaboration with its partners actively focuses on the research and development of functional coatings for the energy sector.

  • In solar energy technology, our work mainly concentrates on engineering, testing and evaluation of PV modules and components.
  • In wind energy technology, our work mainly focuses on the passive and active anti-icing and de-icing coatings (see more here)
  • In conventional water and thermal power plants AAC provides coating solutions providing outstanding corrosion protection and anti-soiling properties meeting the highest customer requirements.

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