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For Space and Beyond

At AAC, we specialize in the development of pioneering product solutions tailored for both terrestrial and space applications. With our extensive experience, we are dedicated to creating innovative materials and products that precisely meet customer needs and adapt to the evolving demands of our times. Our approach is deeply rooted in market insights, allowing us to swiftly adapt to new conditions and ensure our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.

Drawing from years of collaboration on national and international projects, our expertise enables us to set industry benchmarks across diverse sectors.

Revêtements fonctionnels

AAC specializes in advanced functional non-PFA- and PFA-based coatings, revolutionizing surface protection beyond conventional standards. Unlike traditional coatings, our formulations deliver durability and performance tailored to diverse industries. These coatings feature exceptional properties like water repellency, abrasion resistance, anti-icing capabilities, non-stick surfaces, and superior UV, thermal, and corrosion resistance.

Our solutions not only optimize performance but also support sustainability efforts by extending product lifecycles, reducing maintenance costs, and minimizing environmental impact.

AAC offers advanced protection for valuable assets, with innovative, security pigments, engineered to redefine fraud and counterfeiting. Our pigments feature unique properties, designed to ensure authenticity and deter replication. They are designed for uniform integration into diverse production processes and materials, offering versatility and ease of use.

Leveraging extensive expertise and rigorous testing, AAC delivers customizable solutions tailored to meet specific client needs, ensuring robust security measures.

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des années d'expérience dans l'espace - depuis 1989
des partenaires commerciaux internationaux satisfaits

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