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Composite Process Development

Liquid resin infusion, hot press, wet winding, autoclave

Composite materials are moulded by combining two or more materials that can have quite different properties, and do not blend or dissolve into each other. In most cases composites contain a matrix material partially functionalized and a reinforcement material in form of particles, short, long or continuous fibers. These different materials work together to give the composite unique properties, which can not be achieved using only one constituent material.

The composite laboratory at AAC has experience and laboratory facilities in different manufacturing processes for thermoset matrix based composite materials and parts. Open contact moulding, liquid composite moulding techniques (vacuum infusion, resin transfer moulding and vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding), wet filament winding, compression moulding and autoclave technology is available at AAC.

In addition, AAC can offer improvement or modification of resin systems to introduce further functions like wear resistance, electrical conductivity, low shrinkage, impact resistance, lower permeability, UV protection, transparency, higher surface protection, flame retardancy or anti-ice capability.

A set of professional simulation and process monitoring tools and material and product testing and analysing solutions complete our portfolio to optimize different composite manufacturing processes.

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