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3D – Printing

Characterization & Testing of 3D- and 4D-printed materials

Additive Manufacturing Technologies offer new capabilities to process new and more efficient high temperature alloys and manufacture complex parts for aerospace applications. However, based on our expertise we know that there are still several drawbacks on the materials & processing side to overcome. Material properties depend strongly on the Additive Manufacturing Process and processing & post-processing parameter. Therefore, materials & components are usually not similar to their conventional produced counterparts (e.g. microstructure, surface roughness, mechanical properties, etc.)

AAC uses its special know-how developed during the last 10 years on materials microstructure and testing of materials and components even in extreme environments to improve the additive manufacturing processes of our partner lead to improved materials and components properties relevant for aerospace applications (e.g. engine blades). The blades have to withstand very high temperature for a long time. Therefore, in such cases new concepts for testing the mechanical properties are needed. AAC is developing test set-ups which are able to measure the mechanical properties of such alloys at very high temperature by simultaneously decreasing the time for these test runs leading to faster results and shorter time to market.

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