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AAC offers two types of thermal shock test:

Cryogenic Thermal Shock Test

The samples are quickly transferred into a liquid nitrogen bath at -196 °C. The cooling rate depends on the samples; at the surface, rates of up to 70 K/s are achieved.

After the samples are thoroughly cooled, they are moved upwards into streaming air; the air temperature ranges from ambient to +600 °C.

Reference thermocouples are mounted at the samples for constantly monitoring their temperature and to adopt the heating/cooling times accordingly.

Automated operation allows testing of 100 cycles within one working day.

Typical test parameters:

Lower temperature:                 -196 °C

Cooling rate at surface:           up to 100 K/sec (for thin samples)

Upper temperature:                 300 °C

Heating rate at surface:           up to 60 K/sec (for thin samples)

Time for 100 cycles:                ~6h


Coatings; Composite Materials; Joints and Interfaces