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Our consulting range

In the industry sector we offer you consulting services in the following areas:


AAC supports you in material and failure analysis by using simulation tools and material and component testing. We can also support you in your developments with our special know-how in vacuum tribology. Furthermore, our coating specialists provide  special know-how in polymer chemistry and the formulation of functional coatings.

We provide simulation assisted consultancy in the fields of mechanical and thermal performance of industrial parts and processes with special focus on moulds and infusion behaviour for composite resin infusion processes.

Many industries are constantly striving to make their products faster cheaper and more energy efficient to ensure their competetiveness. Tribological optimizations can  improve product performance by enhancing these product properties.  AAC supports the development or selection of new materials and lubrication concepts. Our experience in space and low temperatures up to liquid helium (−269 °C;−452.20 °F; 4.15 K) and our cold welding database will help you choose the right concept for lubrication and material selection of surface materials in the early stages of your project.

To support our customers in the fields of failure analysis, quality control and material-development and -optimization, our experienced team offers a wide range of microstructural characterisation methods. We are working in close contact with ESA, the aerospace industry and corresponding research institutes on a huge variety of materials like steels, Al- and Ti-alloys, composites, coatings and electronic materials.

A focus of our work is devoted to failure analysis which requires a deep understanding of mechanical-, corrosion- and tribological phenomena to be correlated with production processes and application requirements.

With our competence in coating technology we are able to support by reviewing your project requirements taking into account  regulatory and industry standards and subsequently assist you in coating selection or tailor made coating solutions based on your specific requirements.

This is how we approach your project

Our team will analyze your situation and recommend a suitable procedure