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Space Consulting

Our consulting range

In the space sector we offer you consulting services in the following areas:


We offer independent materials consulting and laboratory services providing fast and reliable solutions to meet customer needs including failure analysis, quality issue investigations and materials selection.

  • Providing consulting services in the fields of tribology: analysis of tribo-systems, identifying possible solutions for selection of materials, surface treatments/coatings, lubrication and lubrication concepts (sold/fluid/hybrid) for applications in space and vacuum.
  • To reduce risk of cold welding during launch, AAC offers assistance in selection of materials and coatings based on its database, background expertise and recent developments.
  • Consultancy for selection of materials for use in space components, e.g. by rating Declared Materials Lists (DMLs). Issues can be outgassing (polymers), stress corrosion cracking (metals), ….
  • Coordinate laboratory investigations for root cause investigations in structural components and mechanism interfaces by using analytical techniques like metallographic and microstructural methods (SEM/EDX/EBSD) enforced by background in surface interfaces, materials science and for selected issues also by simulation tools (ANSYS).
  • Proven and trusted experience in the space industry over 35 years of experience in ensuring the success of spacecraft by providing robust tribological material solutions throughout the life of the vehicle: during the design and manufacturing phase or during troubleshooting root cause analysis followed by reliable results.
  • Provide technical leadership for customers being responsible for designing robust lubrication systems for critical applications.
  • If agreed, consultancy may be underlined by testing from material to component level and even up to flight models (FMs) in clean room.

This is how we approach your project

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