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AAC offers specialised equipment for testing materials, coatings and components in aviation relevant environment.

AAC offers a wide range of testing of materials (bulk, films, soils, coatings, paints) for their applicability to aviation. Orders may start with few single tests, or may range up to large test campaigns. For the latter AAC may also act as one-stop shop.

AAC provides coating property tests to meet the needs of the aviation industry. Due to our aircarft specific test portfolio we able to simulate the ageing of exterior coatings under aeronautical conditons, perfom  aircraft fluid immersion tests  and characterize the coating performance under in-service conditions.

AAC also provides aeronautical testing combining testing capabilities with space and materials research expertise. Tribological testing equipment with vacuum chambers provides testing capabilities from very low temperatures (<-80°C to avoid freezing in artificial air) to high temperatures (>200°C but options up to 900°C).

Mechanical testing covers almost all technical temperature ranges starting from cryogenic level (4K) up to almost Re-entry conditions (2200°C)

In addition, pre and post-test analysis is offered. Starting from non-destructive testing by ultrasonic inspection and online monitoring of mechanical tests by acoustic emission over standard visual inspection, metallographic preparation followed by microscopy from optical up to Scanning Electron Microscopes. The latter offer also elemental analysis (EDX), but also crystallographic analysis (EBSD). FIB (focused Ion Beam) enables localised in-situ cross sectioning.

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