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Cryogenic Mechanical Testing

Quasistatic, Fatigue, impact, extreme temperatures – cryogenic

In industries such as the space sector where components and parts are exposed to cryogenic (low and ultra-low) temperatures under operation, material properties at these extreme conditions are very important for the design of such components. There is a demand on new light weight metals or composites and a lack of sufficient extreme temperature engineering data for a safe life design of components such as cryogenic propellant vessels containing liquid oxygen, liquid natural gas or liquid hydrogen.

Explore Aerospace & Advanced Composites ‘s Cutting-edge Cryogenic Testing Capabilities

At Aerospace & Advanced Composites, we address the evolving needs of the aerospace and transport industries by offering specialized cryogenic testing services. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with mechanical testing capabilities at cryogenic levels from -269°C to room temperature, simulating material performance in relevant ambient conditions.

We specialize in:

  • Tensile Testing
  • Compression Testing
  • Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) and High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Testing
  • Fracture Toughness Testing
  • Fatigue Crack Growth Testing
  • Testing of Special Composite Properties such as ILSS, Shear, G1C and GIIC, Bearing
  • Testing of Sandwich Panels (Tensile, compression, shear)
  • Specialized Subcomponent Testing

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