In the dynamic landscape of advancements, companies often find themselves specializing in narrow scientific and technological domains. At Aerospace & Advanced Composites (AAC), our operational model covers a variety of activities from sliprings for space applications to characterizing cold welding of materials, or from developing coatings for special terrestrial applications to working on structural health monitoring for CFK components. Our team comprises a diverse group of scientists and technicians, each specializing in different fields. While some may argue that this diversity could dilute our corporate identity, we firmly believe this is our greatest asset, empowering us to tailor our solutions precisely to our customers’ unique needs.

Our Core Strength: Advanced Solutions

AAC is fundamentally driven by the commitment to finding innovative solutions for our customers’ challenges. While standardized test services are within our main activities, our focus often extends beyond, aiming to understand the full scope of a challenge. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs deeply and offering comprehensive solutions. Our extensive field of activity facilitates a full approach, allowing us to consider and address every aspect of a challenge, thereby providing more robust and effective solutions.

Exploring the Cosmos: Space

In the space environment, materials and mechanisms face entirely new and unique conditions. For example, tribological challenges of lubrication and outgassing of oils are closely related, mass loss due to evaporation and length change of CFK / GFRP structures in vacuum are linked, as well. Our mission is to grasp the entirety of customer requirements and recommend tests and methodologies that account for all relevant circumstances.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond Space

While our roots are in space-related research and development, AAC is equally committed to terrestrial applications. Our involvement extents to the development and testing of coatings, foils, solar modules, and even to the design and implementation of test facilities. From coding controllers to simulating 3D models under thermal treatment, we have the capability to handle every step in-house. This versatility allows us to tailor our testing methods to the specific needs of our customers.

Far from hindering cohesion, the diversity of AAC’s field of activity enhances our ability to solve challenges. We proudly declare ourselves as YOUR ADVANCED SOLUTIONS FOR SPACE AND BEYOND, reflecting our commitment to providing pioneering solutions across a spectrum of scientific and technical domains.

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