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Roland Holzbauer is Senior Project Manager at Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH and has been involved in the research and development of materials and mechanism for space applications for many years. His main areas of responsibility are outgassing, coefficient of moisture expansion, cold welding, tribology and sliprings.

Outgassing of materials in vacuum

By |2024-01-30T08:06:36+01:0030. January 2024|Space|

Outgassing of materials in vacuum is often treated neglectfully. Typically, only one side of the equation is considered, such as the loss of oil in a bearing. However, the potentially fatal consequences of oil resublimation onto an optical instrument may be ignored. - There is no one in space to wipe down a lens that has a hazy film of oil on it. As a rule of thumb, warm surfaces are more likely to outgas [...]

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The mysteries of slip rings

By |2023-11-20T14:52:05+01:0020. November 2023|Consulting, Energy, Industry, Space|

A slip ring (in electrical engineering terms) is a method of making an electrical connection through a rotating assembly. Slip rings, also called rotary electrical interfaces, rotating electrical connectors, collectors, swivels, or electrical rotary joints, are commonly found in all rotary systems with electrical connections of sensors and receptors. They are a common building block in terrestrial and space applications, e.g. wind turbines, computer tomography scanners, solar arrays in space and many more. Tribological characterization [...]

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Coefficient of Moisture Expansion:
A challenging measurement task

By |2024-01-26T13:06:59+01:0027. September 2023|Space|

A high degree of dimensional stability is often required for aircraft and spacecraft components. In order to evaluate polymeric composite materials for aerospace applications the coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) and moisture expansion (CME) have to be determined. Coefficient of Moisture Expansion (CME) is defined as the ratio of change in strain and mass variation due to the moisture desorption or absorption.  For the determination of the CME the change of length and the mass [...]

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A challenging measurement task
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