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Tribological tests for aeronautics

Friction, Wear and Tribology in Forming processes in aeronautics

Combining experience from space, test capabilities and experience in material research, AAC also offers testing towards aeronautics. The tribological test devices with their vacuum chambers offer testing from very low temperatures (<-80°C in artificial air avoiding icing) up to elevated temperatures (mostly >200°C, but selected up to +900°C).

In aeronautics several materials are demanded which are hard to machine, like e.g., titan alloys (Ti6Al4V) or Inconel. AAC widened its cold welding expertise towards wear of tools for cutting and milling processes. Using our forming tribometer, input data (friction factor) for the simulation of forming processes (e.g. Deform) were measured. The forming tribometer offers load up to 200kN and temperatures up to 900°C.

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