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We help you to successfully implement your project.

Consulting, Testing, Research & Development

We help you to successfully implement your project.





Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH

Your highly experienced partner in material testing and development for special aerospace and terrestrial applications.

Founded in October 2010 AAC is a privately held company providing research, development and engineering capabilities in materials technology and testing.

Materials and technologies for terrestrial applications are partially developed based on our aerospace experience.

We apply an interdisciplinary approach to research and development projects for our clients thanks to the great energy and experience of our staff in the fields of physical chemistry physics, mechanical engineering and electronics.

More detailed information about our activities in our key areas aerospace engineering, aeronautics, general industry and energy industry can be found below:


In the space market segment, material development as well as material and component testing are essential components of our activities. Here we work closely with the European Space Agency ESA as well as leading small, medium and large European space companies and research partners. Of particular importance here are the development of tribological systems, mechanisms, test methods and test facilities for applications under extreme environmental conditions such as those encountered in space.


In the aerospace market segment, our focus is on materials and process development, in particular the integration of sensor systems in polymer composites and the development of Structural Health Monitoring systems. Our activities in the development of functional coatings for aircraft de-icing are a cross-sectional topic. New developments for the rapid characterization of high-temperature alloys for turbine blades also form the basis for developments in the energy and space market segments.


In the Energy market segment, our activities are primarily focused on functional coatings for the de-icing of rotor blades for wind turbines. Our expertise in the development of anti-stick and easy-to-clean coatings are also of particular interest for photovoltaic systems.


In the Industry market segment, we support our partners in bilateral and multilateral development activities. From simple measurement tasks to complex multi-year development or research projects, we apply our know-how and many years of expertise in the characterization and development of new materials, coatings and components.

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