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Extreme Tribology for Industry

Friction, Fretting Wear / Cold welding, Electro-tribology

In certain industrial processes, also our expertise from space is applicable. LNG transport requires fully dry environment and/or extreme (low) temperatures. An upcoming issue towards renewable energy is transport of hydrogen gas. It imposes new requirements to the sliding contact materials used in gas transport, like in valves or compressors. Semiconductor and coating production run in vacuum devices, which have to provide automated transportation systems (running in vacuum and air).

Tribology in these extreme environments space differs strongly from ambient. Vacuum itself rules out most solutions used on ground: lubricants evaporate, most common metallic alloys are now subject to strong adhesive wear or even cold welding, many coatings exhibit much higher friction (e.g. DLC). Hence, selection of materials and lubricants in tribological contacts cannot be extrapolated from terrestrial approaches.

AAC assist you in the development or selection of materials and new lubrication concepts. Based on our experience from space and low temperatures (down to LHe) and data, like e.g. the cold welding data base, we can assist at early stages of your project in the selection of materials, surface treatments as well as on appropriate concept for your lubrication.

Starting with jointly analysis of the tribosystem, candidate solutions will be elaborated and proposed. The most promising candidates can be rated by testing in our facilities.

This is how we approach your project

Our team will analyze your situation and recommend a suitable procedure